If you work at the watchmaker's or in any other company where waste, overdue watch batteries are accumulated regularly, you can collect them in a separate container and when it is filled take it to our company for the recycling.

For watchmakers

Remember that the batteries of different types have to be collected separately. Silver-oxide, lithium and alkaline – each type separately. Plastic, carton or glass containers should be used for wasted batteries, better to not use metal ones as they can be corroded when exposed to an alkali containing in batteries. Container with waste batteries should be stored away from moisture, food and children. We take for recycling both whole and destroyed in a natural way batteries, they cannot be disassembled purposefully.

For service centers and points owners

If you are an owner of a service center or a battery replacement point, usually, you can organize collection of waste batteries and electronic equipment scrap. This will not only relieve nature from pollution but also will give rise to some additional revenue.

For volunteers and public organizations

You can give us watch batteries for recycling. In our turn, we will provide you the highest prices regardless the volumes and will reimburse the costs of raw material delivery. We are always respectful of those who care about their native land and the environment.