What minimum volume can be given?

We take any volume that you have. The only condition, the value of the lot must be big enough to cover delivery costs.

Do you cover the delivery?

We cover the delivery in some cases after coordination with receiving operator. We cover completely the analysis costs.

Do you take non-silveroxide batteries for recycling?

We take only watch batteries. Watch non-silveroxide batteries LR are taken at price upon 4$ per 1 kilogram with the volume starting from 1 kilogram.

What are your guarantees while delivery by post?

The only guarantee we give is our reputation. It is much more profitable to work and earn money honestly but constantly and stably than earn once and then have problems with the law. So, you can be 100% sure of our honesty. You always can personally bring the commodity, meet with our courier and get the payment at the place. On demand, we can take your commodity at the warehouse in Kyiv in civilized environment with security guarantees.

How much silver is there in batteries? How to extract it out of there?

All the technologies of refining cannot be published because they are connected with the application of caustic, noxious and toxic substances accompanied by the release of toxic vapors, and, therefore, this poses a danger to people and environment in case of the slightest violation of the security rules. Moreover, one of the main goals of recycling is environment protection from harmful batteries components, so can we talk about ecology in the case of artisanal processing when all waste is simply merged into drains or into the ground?

Do you buy other types of raw materials containing precious metals?

We buy any raw material containing precious metals. This includes materials like electronics, jewelry scrap, eyeglass frames, decorative elements, photographic materials and so on. We can consider possibility of purchasing the raw materials even with the lowest content of precious metals.

Can you buy raw materials in other cities?

We have receiving operators who collect the batteries in Ukraine and nearby countries. Give us your address and we include it into the route. The only thing, we cannot say exactly when our manager will be in your city.

Is it possible to buy batteries in my city and send them to you?

It is possible, all necessary information for this you may get by calling at the number: +380964436752 or writing an e-mail to [email protected]

What should I do if I did not find the information I needed on the site?

Any information on our company and questions of estimation and sale of raw materials you can get by contacting our manager at the number posted on the top of the page or via email specified therein.