Ukrainian Recycling Company – one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine specialized in collection, preparation, recycling and realization of the secondary precious metals. We have our own warehouse areas in Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine, laboratories and equipment needed for preparation and recyclingof the raw material containing precious metals. Our company works with all types of secondary raw materials containing raw metals, and batteries are one of them.

Watch batteries (button cells)

Ukrainian Recycling Company constantly buys on favorable terms batteries and accumulators, which contain silver.We guarantee civilized terms and lucrative prices for the purchased materials.We are interested in partnership both with private individuals and with organizations regardless of the gathered volumes.

Watchmaking waste

We buy at high prices watchmaking waste - worn out details of the mechanisms, casings, watch bracelets, gears, silvered dials, clock hands, which contain silver and gold. We buy as well gilded watch casingsand bracelets, rolledgold, gold-filled products, casing scrap made of precious metal alloys.

Overdue, defective batteries

КWhen the battery is expired, it is not recommended to use it directly, as each battery contains corrosive substances such as alkali, and after the expiration breach and allocation of corrosives may occur. This in its turn can lead to the corrosion and damage of the watch mechanism costly items. The best solution is the recycling of defective goods. We will help you to recycle properly overdue and defective batteries containing precious metals.


All detailed information on partnership, prices, payment methods and delivery you may find on the pages of our site at the left side. At any time, you can contact our manager using the contact details posted on the website in order to clarify any questions.