Watch batteries (button cells)

Prices on silver-oxide watch batteries are up to 50 USD per kilogram and more for wholesale. The price depends on the lot size, the city where you are located and the silver world market prices. Silver world market prices are displayed at the left side of each page in USD per 1 kilogram of pure silver.

Estimate the commodity price

In order to estimate the price of your commodity you have to call our receiving operator at the number posted on the site and inform us about your location, payment method, type of raw material and its volume. The operator will give you the price or the cost of your lot. In some cases the raw material analysis may be needed in order to determine the content of precious metals, this concerns various types of mixes, compounds of different parts, etc. The batteries are accepted without analysis.

Precious metals containing scrap

Any scrap containing precious metals is estimated by results of analysis or examination. The scrap price consists of the total cost of all precious metals composing the scrap lot minus recycling and other costs of getting pure precious metals.

For wholesale suppliers

If you are a wholesale supplier of watch batteries or precious metal scrap, we can create special acceptance terms for you, i.e., higher prices and more loyal estimation terms, pickup at our expense, return of obtained pure metal in payment, etc.